I don't think there is anything I would change ... they were every clients' dream.

Lisa & Michael White, 01 WHITESHACK, 1st Owners - (The First Mishackians ... Ever!)

We prefer the collaborative nature of a mishack project. It is much less complicated.

Anton Smith, Owner - Bluewater Building - (Shackinista Builder)

Easy to price and easy to build giving us a stylish product we can offer our clients ... without a hefty architects fees!

Anton Smith, Owner - Bluewater Building - ( 'lurvs' architecture)

Low pitch roofs, large overhangs, deep fascias and frameless glazed corners turn a simple design into a masterpiece.

Ian Meacham, Owner ENGenuity (Shackinista Engineers)

A darling of savvy airbnb travelers with 18 *****5 Star reviews so far. Our shack is a dream come true!

TC, airbnb host of The GD27 ~ (aka 03 Clarkeshack) ~ Lays down a mean groove on his Fender Bassman

An Outstanding Property ... We have been visiting the Margaret River region for 15 years, and this is without question the best house in which we have stayed.

Kate and Gavin - ***** 5 Star Review ~ Staying Guests at J's Retreat (aka 05 Jacobshack.)

I have seen these projects blossom from ideas on paper to buildings that will be icons of the Southwest.

Anton Smith, Owner ~ Bluewater Building (Fav word 'Classic')

We are environmentally conscious, so we really appreciate the solar passive features of your design.

Richard Wilson, 01 WHITESHACK (2nd Owner ~ Tyrepower King!)

The air conditioner hardly gets used!

Debbi (Richards Partner), 01 WHITESHACK (2nd Owner ~ Sun Lover!)

Our clients are genuinely excited about building their mishack!

Anton Smith, Owner ~ Bluewater Building (Bob the Mishackian)

Many of the 'subbies' and 'tradies' want one themselves!

Anton Smith, Owner ~ Bluewater Building - (Keen Mishackian)

Tony said yesterday he was quite sad the shack was finished as he has enjoyed the process so much. We will just have to do it again!

Rosie Clarke, 03 CLARKESHACK, Owner ~ (Design Savvy Mishackian)

House is going really well.

Andy Jacob, 05 Jacobshack (aka J's Retreat ~ Newest Mishackian!)

We regretfully only use it as week-ender, but could very well live their some time in the future! The whole design is very workable and user friendly.

Richard Wilson, 01 WHITESHACK, 2nd Owner ~ (Malibu Master)

The bathrooms are lovely and roomy and functional. All the bedrooms are large and have great cupboard space.

Debbi (Richards Partner), 01 WHITESHACK (2nd Owner ~ Love's Space!)

... the house was sheer luxury, with everything you could dream of having. (***** 5 Star rating on Stayz)

Amanda ~ recent luxury 'luvin' guest at Stayz 5 Star Rated 'J's Retreat' (aka 05 Jacobshack.)


‘the way designing and building a home should be.’

Modular architecture with unlimited arrangements = maximum style with minimum fuss

~ born and bred in the Margaret river ‘shack’  region of western australia ~

~ Est. in Yallingup ~

mishack is a disruptive innovation business focused on simplifying the delivery of design-led architecture to give more home owners access to the life enhancing benefits that considered architecture can offer. Architect designed using a smart hybrid of modular design, prefabricated structure and in-situ construction it gives you the best of both worlds with no bias.

Traditional methods of engaging an architect and tendering a project to market is a long and convoluted process that in many cases ends in the disappointment of budget blowouts severely depleting consumer morale for the profession. At mishack we have turned things around so you know what you going to get, when you are going to get it and how much it is going to cost, at the beginning, not at the end, to give you more surety of outcome.

We have simplified residential architecture into a system of modular zones which can be quickly arranged into a ‘shack map’ to suit your needs and block. Your external and internal fit-out is then determined from a range of architect designed internal layouts and style themes so you can ‘pimp your shack’ your way underwritten by the experience of a professional architect built into the design system. No set predesigned home package to restrict you, mishack is adaptable, flexible, expandable and customisable, to match your block, personal style and changing needs over time. The way designing and building a home should be.

Get shacked at the beach, bush or ‘burbs’, mishack is not restricted by factory location, long lead times and expensive transport logistics, it simply connects hassle free to select builders and suppliers (‘shackinistas’) in your region so you can live, love and shack anywhere you want to. Time and cost effective, practical and easy to build, mishack doesn’t blow the budget, it designs + builds to budget enabling you to get shacked sooner in maximum style but with minimum stress and fuss, so you just enjoy the fun bits.

The result is budget conscious architecture that retains the refined proportions and sensuality the art of architecture is recognised for – a product that looks and feels more valuable than it actually costs.

Where would you rather be?

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“We are on this journey together.”

mishack is a collaborative process where everyone involved is an equal part of the team.

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