I don't think there is anything I would change ... they were every clients' dream.

Lisa & Michael White, 01 WHITESHACK, 1st Owners - (The First Mishackians ... Ever!)

We prefer the collaborative nature of a mishack project. It is much less complicated.

Anton Smith, Owner - Bluewater Building - (Shackinista Builder)

Low pitch roofs, large overhangs, deep fascias and frameless glazed corners turn a simple design into a masterpiece.

Ian Meacham, Owner ENGenuity (Shackinista Engineers)

Easy to price and Easy to build and give us a stylish product to offer our clients. With out the hefty design fees!

Anton Smith, Owner - Bluewater Building - (Multi Award Winning Shackinista)

Many of the sub-contractors want one themselves!

Anton Smith, Owner - Bluewater Building - (Keen Mishackian)

Tony said yesterday he was quite sad the shack was finished as he has enjoyed the process so much.

Rosie Clarke, 03 CLARKESHACK, Owner - (Design Savvy Mishackian)

We will just have to do it again!

Tony Clarke, Owner, 03 CLARKESHACK - (Stylish Cafe Racer Shackinista)

We regretfully we only use it as week-ender, but could very well live their some time in the future!

Richard Wilson, 01 WHITESHACK, 2nd Owner - (Malibu Master)

The whole design is very workable and user friendly.

Richard Wilson, 01 WHITESHACK, 2nd Owner - (Love's to get shacked)

The bathrooms are lovely and roomy and functional. All the bedrooms are large and have great cupboard space.

Debbi (Richards Partner), 01 WHITESHACK (2nd Owner - Love's Space!)

The air conditioner hardly gets used!

Debbi (Richards Partner), 01 WHITESHACK (2nd Owner - Sun Lover!)

We are environmentally conscious, so we really appreciate the solar passive features of your design.

Richard Wilson, 01 WHITESHACK (2nd Owner - Tyrepower King!)

Our clients are genuinely excited about building their mishack!

Anton Smith, Owner - Bluewater Building - (Bob the Mishackian)

An Outstanding Property ... We have been visiting the Margaret River region for 15 years, and this is without question the best house in which we have stayed.

Kate and Gavin - Staying Guests at J's Retreat (aka 05 Jacobshack.)

House is going really well.

Andy Jacob, 05 Jacobshack (aka J's Retreat - Newest Mishackian!)

I have seen these projects blossom from ideas on paper to buildings that will be icons of the Southwest.

Anton Smith, Owner - Bluewater Building (Fav word 'Classic')

... the house was sheer luxury, with everything you could dream of having.

Amanda - recent luxury 'luvin' guest at Stayz 5 Star Rated 'J's Retreat' (aka 05 Jacobshack.)


Easily create an architect designed home with mishack’s easy to use modular architecture –

Without a hefty architects fee!

It works like this, each modular zone is linked to a suite of internal layouts linked to a range of selections, these are then arranged into a complete design solution in 4 easy and fun steps.

Because the zones simply slide and glide into any combination, under two sophisticated roof styles –

“You always get an awesome looking design!”

Its the best of both worlds, an uber cool architects design which is easy to price and build!

every builders dream 😉

“Which builder doesn’t want to be able to offer this to their clients!”

All our shacks use prefab timber roof trusses, and we are also introducing prefab timber wall framing into future mishacks. Each system can be up in one to two days, depending on the size of the build. In addition to this, we are also examining a range of other prefab wall and roof systems on the market that offer even more prebuilt features. These systems can simply be ‘flat pack’ transported to site and easily assembled.

“Making it ideal for owner builders!”

mishack as a result comes with a lot of design flex.

It ‘looks’ and ‘feels’ like a custom design and build while using a hybrid of modular and prefab efficiency!

“Adding value to your most important asset.”

Where would you rather be?

‘Trapped’ in a project home? ‘Stuck’ in a sea container? … or enjoying the ‘Bliss’ of a mishack!

If you keenly prefer the ‘flair of an architect’ and want to live, love and shack without compromise,

‘Sexily’ click the CONNECT button below to get started on your first step … mishacks FREE ! Map It phase!

… yeah baby.


Here’s some shack maps that some of our mishackians have done !

↓surf the tabs↓

36o shackORAMA

press down and ‘jiggle’ it and spin me round round baby like a …


“We are on this journey together.”

mishack is a collaborative process where everyone involved is an equal part of the team.

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