They were every clients' dream.

Lisa & Michael, 1st Owners, 01 White Shack (Yallingup)

We love this house!

Shirlee, airbnb Review, 03 Clarke Shack (Dunsborough)

The best house we have stayed in.

Kate & Gavin, Stayz Review, 05 Jacob Shack (Wilyabrup)

It was so hard to leave!

Cathryn, airbnb Review, 03 Clarke Shack (Dunsborough)

This is an amazing place!

Kath, Stayz Review, 05 Jacob Shack (Wilyabrup)

Everything as promised, and more.

Neville, airbnb Review, 03 Clarke Shack (Dunsborough)

We enjoyed the process so much.

Rosie Clarke, Owner, 03 Clarke Shack (Dunsborough)

The air-conditioner hardly gets used!

Richard Wilson, 2nd Owner, 01 White Shack (Yallingup)

The attention to detail was amazing.

Martyn, Stayz Review, 05 Jacob Shack (Wilyabrup)

House is going really well.

Andy Jacobs, Owner, 05 Jacob Shack (Flutes Estate - Wilyabrup)

Buildings that will be icons of the Southwest.

Anton Smith, Bluewater Building Co. (Dunsborough)

mishack was fantastic to deal with.

Geoff Longwood Constructions, Builder (Fremantle)

A mishack project is much less complicated.

Anton Smith, Bluewater Building Co. (Dunsborough)

Each home looks absolutely stunning.

Mark Diedricks, Arklen Constructions (North Fremantle)

The house is absolutely beautifully designed.

Aimee-Cherie, airbnb Review, 03 Clarke Shack (Dunsborough)

mishack turns simple design into a masterpiece.

Ian Meacham, Engineer, 05 Jacobshack (Wilyabrup)

Wonderful property.

Drew, airbnb Review, 03 Clarke Shack (Dunsborough)

I can't wait to build my first mishack.

Mark Diedricks, Arklen Constructions (North Fremantle)



‘The New Way to have an Architect Design Your Home’

Yes, we are architects, the vintage car lovin’, surf mad, rock’n roll kind who ‘lurv’ to design and invent.

Inspired by the pioneering design innovation of early modernist and mid-century architects mishack is a new way to design your home that is providing the benefits of an architect-designed house at a more affordable cost and it will seriously challenge the way you think about designing and building your next home or holiday shack and before you engage an architect in the traditional way.

mishack has simplified the delivery of design-led architecture via a thrifty system of modular design and a unique combination of site built and prefab construction. Finally, you now have easy access to the enhanced livability of design-led architecture and solar passive design with less cost, less hassle and ‘way more’ surety of outcome from the start. It is cost conscious and design savvy able to achieve sophisticated design outcomes with similar efficiencies in cost, time and quality to fully prefab but with the added versatility of being able to be built and assembled on your site by any quality builder that services your region.

Every mishack is unique.

It is very versatile. Any number of zone arrangements and layout combo’s are possible, they can flip, slide, glide, float, expand and rotate, and in addition to this your project will bring with it a unique set of conditions to drive the design algorithm, this keeps every mishack unique.

Future plan your home.

Additionally, this also gives you the option to future plan your home and stage build as funds allow or needs change by simply adding or subtracting zones, each mishack can therefore grow and adapt with you!

We just want you to enjoy the ride, the fun bits.

Everything needed to get you shacked up will be included, its the main reason behind the creation of mishack, so you can have design-led architecture with less hassle, less cost and with ‘way more’ surety of outcome.

‘Map It’ Before You Buy It!

Via its unique design accelerator the ‘Shack Map’ mishack can quickly and very cost effectively master plan a design and perform essential preliminary due diligence for you, real estate agents, builders and developers for;

1) a site being considering for purchase,

2) on an existing site,

3) or for any additions being considered.

This will give you the professional advice you need to enable you to make an informed decision and to qualify whether or not the site is actually suitable before anyone presses ‘the big scary green button’ and makes a major financial commitment, we call it …



mishack is available for projects world wide.





mishack is a collaborative process where everyone involved is an equal part of the team.

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