mishack is positioned for those who desire the touch of an architect but don’t wish to go through the expense, complexity and cost unknowns commonly associated with engaging an architect. It’s a flexible modular system of preconfigured zones where each diagrammatic zone represents a more detailed and intricate design solution in terms of smart construction, finish and fit out.

Map It.

Before You BUY or BUILD iT!

*From only $900 AUD (+ GST)

Cost effective design advice and due diligence to test a sites potential – before you press the big green button.

‘Map iT will help bring to light critical issues’

SURF THRU SOME Shack Map samples

the shack map

Be one with the ‘Shackiverse’

Welcome to the ‘Shack Map’ a simplified diagrammatic method of producing a floor plan layout quickly and very cost effectively, it is the initiation for each project and your design process accelerator. A Shack Map is a tool for quickly and cost effectively generating a design so that it can be placed on a site plan of your site to give you a good sense of the scale of your vision and quickly test the capabilities of the site in relation to important budget and design considerations. The zones in a Shack Map also directly relate to construction methods and selections used by mishack referenced against the costs of completed shacks allowing us to provide authentic market reference build costs to assist you with budget planning.

Why Map iT ?

The reason is that ‘design’ is the first most important consideration when assessing suitable land to buy. You cannot get a sense of the ‘reality’ of build costs or potential of your site without an ‘initial design concept‘. Without one you’re flying blind and putting your interests at risk and are not making a considered and calculated investment decision.

It is important to realise that each site has its own unique conditions and these can significantly affect the budget and in the case of fundamentals such as earthworks this can be significant.

When thinking of a budget most people are thinking only of the building itself which in reality is only a part of the overall project cost and in many cases most simply miss the realities of all the other costs involved and this can also severely affect budgets.

This is where Map IT comes in, it will analyse the site against a design and develop an initial budget based on the brief you supply – before you commit to buy or commence a design and build process.

Unless you are a design professional, you will most likely miss or be completely unaware of critical site conditions and regulations.

Unfortunately many fall into this common trap but with Map iT you can mitigate reasonably foreseeable issues before you go too far.


*conditions apply










Zone It.

Get into the zone.
Each zone comes with a range of different interior layouts which can be flipped, rotated and adjusted to lock into each shack map combination. We’ve done all the hard work by designing a series of optimum layouts for each zone that simply work – in form, function and flow. All you need to do is make a pick to make it yours.


grill’n chill. 

Alfresco, Private Deck

Time to bevvy up, chill out and burn a prawn on the barbie.



Luxuriate, pamper, revitalise, rejuvenate and refresh.



Spin your jocks and soak your socks.


Outdoor Shower

Get ‘nood’ and rinse off the beach.

Cook. Eat. Chill.

Kitchen, Dining, Living

Seamless open plan living from indoors to outdoors to get you feeling one with the ‘Shackiverse’.



Drift in and glide from your ride.


Multi- Purpose Room

This is your ‘anything I want it to be’ zone, we create the space to let your imagination run wild.

Sleep ♥

Main Bedroom

 Zzzzzz, cuddle and reconnect.


Minor Bedroom

Rugrats, outllaws and teenage space invaders.


Garage, Carport

Park the hot rods.

Rack’n Stack

‘DA Shed’

Rack ‘da’ board and stack ‘da’ stuff.



dry your bits and stash ya trash.

Style It.

Pick a roof style.

As the zones simply slide, glide, expand and adapt under each roof system, either style works.

By analysing your block with sun studies we optimise the solar passive aspects of your desired layout and attenuate the eaves and glazing according to your location and orientation.

This is where we create a funky 3D model of your mishack so you can walk around the design in real time to feel the spaces and view the suns penetration.

Wave Shack.

Wave Shack.

A mix of Mid-century Modern 'Shazam!' with a dash of iconic Australian rural shed the 'WAVE SHACK' casts a strong presence with a clearly defined 'wave looking' wedge shape that grabs the eye.

Flat Shack.

Flat Shack.

The 'FLAT SHACK' draws strongly from a heritage of minimalist modern design started by the early modernist architects of the 1920's that carries through to today as 'contemporary minimalism'.

Pimp It.

If you have ever spent time with your spouse trying to agree on taps, tiles, carpet and colour schemes for your new home or renovation and felt like it was harder than trying to buy your mother-in-law a xmas present, then you’ll be delighted to hear that ‘we’ve got this!’.

mishack has done all the suffering for you by pre-selecting items that ensure an effective balance of cost, style, touch, availability, maintenance, practicality, warranty and sustainability. All you will need to do is choose from our range to create your own vibe.

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